Copy of Casper Conference + Waiting Area

Casper Cloaking Film

Privacy Vinyl for Rooms with LED Screens

Casper™ Cloaking Technology renders wall-mounted and other large LED displays in conference rooms, huddle rooms, and other glass fronted rooms opaque when viewed from outside the room. Most large, wall-mounted displays can be cloaked with the exception of 3D displays, Microsoft Surface Hubs, Barcovideo walls, OLED displays, plasma screens, and projection video.

Great for offices, government buildings, venues, and sensitive areas.

How Casper Works


Casper Price and Installation

Casper Cloaking

Casper Material Price
48" x Running Ft - $194.00
56" x Running Ft - $225.00

Casper Install Price
48" x Running Ft - $12.00
56" x Running Ft - $12.00

*For Casper Cloaking we recommend that the installation is center of the glass near eye level for optimal cloaking. The glass does not need to be fully covered with Casper to reach the cloaking effect. For an accurate quote please contact us today! 

Casper Pattern Add Ons